How to Download Windows Phone 7 XAP App Files

This is a $1 app inside the android market that lets you form location-primarily based missions. For instance, you could have your android phone’s Wi-Fi switch on when you arrive at domestic, or have the mobile phone quiets itself after you arrive at your work place. The app presents a awesome manner to automate slight duties, affording you a few extra battery time and the discomfiture of getting ghd sports an exaggeratedly noisy ringtone start out in the middle of a assembly.


Wunderlist is a loose app in the android market that syncs your to-do lists in all of your gadgets, because of this you’ll usually have your errands with you. You’ll also be despatched ordinary emails via Wunderlist while you are close to a cut-off date, these applies to individuals who don’t take a look at the app regularly. (It’s additionally optimized for android capsules).


Springpad is likewise a loose android app that creates reminders and notes approximately books you would like to shop for, films you would like to look at or just numerous events you’d like to keep in mind. Springpad places collectively your shopping lists at the same time as you speedy construct checklists and have a look at barcodes to preserve tabs of gadgets you may need within the destiny.


Minecraft Pocket Edition

This is a $7 app that helps you to kill time on the go; Minecraft Pocket Edition is a completely trying recreation to play. Even though the app doesn’t encompass the Survival Mode that runs within the computing device model, its Create Mode permits you to mine and assemble for your coronary heart’s content (optimized for android tablets).

Reckless Racing

This is a $3 app and one of the pinnacle-searching racing video games offered for android cellphones, and it runs dozens of publications to pick from, a few are hidden shortcuts (an delivered advantage if you’re familiar with them). Then, after you’ve expand your abilties, you can compete with friends and strangers to an internet multiplayer contest and check out who’s actually is the top reckless racer.

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